2021 Pacific Rim Annual General Meeting

Posted by Pacific Rim Field Lacrosse on Jun 21 2021 at 04:58PM PDT

2021 Annual General Meeting
Zoom Meeting – Due to COVID Restrictions
Topic: Pacific Rim AGM
Date: Sunday June 27th, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM Vancouver Time

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 820 2202 7882
Passcode: 702544

To Participate…
1. You must be a member in good standing with Pacific Rim & the BCLA
2. Email ( with your name, child’s name and division prior to June 27, 2021
3. Click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” link above after 6:50pm
4. As you are verified, the secretary (Tara Shortt) will invite you into the meeting
5. The meeting will commence at 7:00pm

Elections (Positions Available):

President: Incumbant: Tyson Leies (re-running) 2 yr. term
Shall preside at all general meeting and executive meetings of the Association and shall supervise all the affairs of the Association and shall be primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of the program of the Association. If the President is unable to carry out his/her duties, the Vice President will do so. He/she acts as Liaison to the Vancouver Island Youth Field Lacrosse Commission and establishing and acting as a liaison to other Associations. Also shall provide a report at the AGM.

Vice President: Incumbant: Bryan Kish (re-running) 1 yr. term
The Vice-President shall fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence. In the event the President resigns, he/she shall fill that office for the remainder of the unexpired term of office. He/she shall be Chairperson of such committee as the President shall appoint him/her to.

Secretary: Incumbent: Tara Amell-Short (?) 1 yr. term
The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings of the Association, conduct and record all correspondence of the Association, and notify all members of the Association and the executive members of each Executive Register of the members of the Association. The Secretary shall turn all files, correspondence and documents pertaining to the Association to his/her successor.

Registrar: Incumbent: Naomi Marcolini (re-running) 1 yr. term
The Registrar shall be responsible for obtaining all registration forms and fees, maintain an accurate player file and file all team registrations with the British Columbia Lacrosse Association and Insurance.

Treasurer: Incumbent: Christa Wood (not running) (Andrea Churchill – running) 1 yr. term
The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate and proper set of accounting records of the financial affairs of the Association, complete with the supporting documents. He/she shall receive all monies and ensure that they are properly deposited with the Association bank. He/she shall be responsible for payment of all accounts of the Association approved by the Executive, and make a financial report at each Executive meeting, and present the Annual Financial report to the Annual Meetings of the Association. He/she shall turn over all books of accounts, vouchers and other supporting records to his/her successor.

Director at Large: Incumbent: Jorden Tytgat (?) 1 yr. term
Directors At-Large may be appointed by majority vote of the General Executive and shall be assigned duties, responsibilities and authorities as required.

Appointed Positions: (Set Annually)
Equipment Manager: Incumbent (Chris Shortt)
Head Manager: Incumbent (Andrea Churchill)
Field Allocator: (vacant)
Coaching Co-ordinator: Incumbent (Andy Stuart)
Evaluation Co-ordinator: Incumbent (vacant)
Swag Co-ordinator: Incumbent (Andrea Churchill)
Community Liaison: Incumbent (James Scott)
Webmaster: Incumbent (Tyson Leies)