What Does "Return to Play" Look Like for Pacific Rim?

Posted by Pacific Rim Field Lacrosse on Sep 09 2020 at 03:44PM PDT in 2019-2020

Hello Pacific Rim Players, Parents, Volunteers and Community Use Facilities.

First, let us start by saying that Pacific Rim is happy to have registrations open and anxiously await new and returning players to field lacrosse. If you have not registered yet, visit our “Registration”: to sign up your daughter or son. We will bring you up to speed regarding association and VIFLL (league info) below.

We opened last week (three months later than normal) due to the pandemic. The late opening was due to not having any fields to rent due to COVID. Now that we are open, we would recommend that everyone share this information and we make our push to rebuild field lacrosse and get our children excited about lacrosse play again.
*If you have registered online but have not e-transferred payment to (, you are not considered registered. Those whom have not send payment or still have to provide a copy of their childs’ birth certificate and proof of address are encouraged to do so quickly.

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to access and get permits to use any community use fields through school districts, private entities or cities/municipalities as they have strict rules or are not willing to take a risk and expose their staff or facility renters to any potential risks.
Other facilities outside of our catchment and on Vancouver Island have either opened fully, partially or have put strict guidelines on return to play usage; such as only the association booking can use the field and no one from other cities can use their fields, etc.
We have managed to secure some field time at Bullen Park field in Esquimalt (field between the Archie Browning Arena and the Esquimalt Recreation Centre – full field) and are just securing Alexander Field in Central Saanich. The times available on each field will provide everyone with 2.5-3 hours per age group/division.
*If anyone has any information on further fields to use (with or without lights), please go to our executive page and contact our field allocator.

Player Numbers
The numbers below reflect the players registered within Pacific Rim as of (Wed. Sept. 9th, 2020) and the brackets will show how many down from last season.
U8 – 0 (even), U12 – 2 (down 6), U15 – 0 (down 17), U19 – 2 (down 6)
U7 – 1 (+1), U9 – 4 (down 21), U11 – 9 (down 14), U13 – 23 (down 5), U15 – 14 (down 28), U18 – 8 (down 7)
*The association hopes to spread the word through social media and through parents to increase our numbers in hopes that returning to as close to normal play will encourage our youth to return to field lacrosse.

We have coaches wishing to return to teach skills, drills and the modified “return to play” rules to your children in hopes of getting modified games started within the VIFLL beginning in mid to late October. All players will be on the field with coaches at a (10:1) ratio. It is imperative that we have a (10:1) ratio of coaches to players, so if you would like to coach or to start off the season as an “on field volunteer”, please email Andy Stuart ( with your interest.

Womens: U8 (no coach or players), U12 (Sylvi Jenner & Aubrey Alexander), U15 (Alyssa Husband), U19 (no coach)
Mens: U7/U9 (no coach), U11 (Chris McKay), U13 (tentative coach), U15 (Fred Jenner and Bill Waddell), U18 (Connor Leies)

“Modified Game Rules (strictly enforced)”:'s%20Field%20-%20FINAL.pdf

“Return to Play Guidelines (BCLA)”:

No releases will be given at this time. They may be considered on a case by case basis for the purposes of attending a school outside of your district. Releases for low numbers will not be considered until the VIFLL meets again at months end and it determines where players should go.

Game Play
No schedules will be developed until associations report on numbers at the end of September. Modified games will look to occur mid to late October.

Please read the rules for game play to assist your son/daughter with understanding the rules as they return to the field. The BCLA Guidelines will help volunteers tremendously when players and parents arrive at the fields.

All players/parents must submit this signed “BCLA Under Age Waiver”: form to the Field Coordinator prior to stepping on the field to participate. No form, no play!

Coaches and volunteers must submit this signed “BCLA Over Age Waiver”: form to the Field Coordinator prior to stepping on the field.